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Topics need to be unique and high impact. There are a few perks for writing with us. RCNi can help experienced and novice authors make an impact with their published articles. A brief search for other articles on your proposed subject can go a long way  If you haven't heard from us in two weeks, please feel free to move your Writer at Work: Articles on any aspect of the professional writing life, such as tax tips  How to Submit an Article to Transitions Abroad Please read our Writer's Guidelines carefully and browse through  Jul 9, 2007 To demonstrate world-class expertise, avoid quickly written, shallow postings. And if you don’t have an author profile or pricing that is not attractive enough then your would be clients can easily find a dozen of other writers. g. com welcomes article contributions in shape of opinion pieces, analytical articles, fact checking articles, curated news reports, or sociopolitical humor or satire. To get an article published on NRD, simply write an article of at least 500 words about a federal, state, or local limited government issue and email it to  More information on how to become a paid writer for Communication Arts. variable rate content that is published on May 15th, would be paid out during the first few days of July) Our mission is to create fresh, immersive articles on equestrian lifestyle and sport, current events, health and horsemanship. The Tax Adviser encourages you to submit articles or call to reserve a topic. We have two types of writing opportunities at Food Tank including paid freelance articles Write for Us. Write for us - $40 / 1000 words. Home · CIRE Magazine; Write For Us prior to submitting a manuscript. Register your account. Length. Sites that pay for articles usually fall into one of two main models. If you are interested in writing for us, please read the details below and hit the “submit” button to send us your  Expand your readership through Upwork. Submissions: 40 Days to Easter Write For Scary Mommy. At the time of writing you get $100 per article. ) Write a post As a publishing platform, Medium allows you to share your stories and ideas with the world. Write for us. Write for Us Contact SitePoint for permission. Additionally, we pay $75-150 per article, depending on the length/topic/quality. Word limit should be more than 1000 words. While each has specific qualities that are unique to its type, all articles share Write a post As a publishing platform, Medium allows you to share your stories and ideas with the world. Tell us about your particular interests and  If you want your article to appear on Psych Central, submit it to us for first rights We prefer you write to our general inbox: talkback at psychcentral. Important Notes: Write for Us Article Submission Guidelines The Humanist is a social issues-oriented bimonthly that applies the philosophy of humanism—a naturalistic and progressive outlook informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion—to broad areas of social, political, and personal concern. Please double-check spelling and grammar before submitting. You can send the final draft of your article for approval at info@ceoworld. Write for us on our blog! An introduction to the blog. We suggest articles be in the 600-800-word range. com Website: www. Here are 10 magazines that will pay $500 or more for an article. The article must begin with ‘How To’. We aren't going to razz you if you format all your pitches wrong or if you're a douche who refuses to use capital letters, like I did. What happens is that you get to write an article for another website – in this case for FWJ – with  Write for English Teaching professional magazine. Perks of Writing for Tofugu. Dollar Stretcher. We will attempt to reach a decision on each article within five  Write for us technology, Cyber Security, Piracy, Security, Encryption and You can post an article regarding your brand's success story, and this will help you to   Mar 8, 2019 All your news are belong to us. Copywriting clients, for example, like to know you understand the ins and outs of journalism and have the skills to weave a narrative and tell a good story. 4. com and spread the word: Like us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. com. Is a unique idea or a marvelous content in popping in your mind? Write it down in below described format and send it to us. With over 100 pages for most issues, we generally run 15 – 16 articles, all averaging 1000-2000 words. You can write The article must pass Copyscape and free of grammatical errors. Content should be written in the proper way which user can easily understand what you are talking about. We like articles that fit within • We like our articles to be informative, interesting, a little personal but not too personal, • Please make sure your article is between 800-1200 words; we’re looking for clear • Please limit the We offer the writers to put their articles about Technology, Gaming, Home Improvement, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Mobile, Legal or Law. If you would like to submit an article that is already published on your website, please be sure to fill out the Article URL option below. The first is revenue-sharing, where the website pays you a certain amount for every view or ad click from your post. Feel free to include images, charts, graphs, and the like—but only if they help convey a point. Tell us how your article will be different from all the other articles on a topic. If you reach the payment stage for an article on March 1, you will be paid on April 5. Make Money Writing Online: 13 Sites That Pay for Articles Writing guest blog posts for us will provide you the invaluable experience of being published, without the thoughtless (and, quite frankly, heart-wrenching) rejection letters. Our editorial team will work with you to polish your writing and sharpen your message. In the past, Priceonomics staff writers have written close to  Must be a US citizen; Must have Microsoft Word; Must have access to the internet SEO Content Writer – Writing of basic SEO articles, blogs, photo descriptions  It's usually best for everyone if you wait to send us your article until after we have approved a pitch and given you some direction. Love to dabble with Wordpress or the Genesis Theme Framework? Write an awesome tutorial for us and earn $100 per article! If you are sending us a draft for publication please have a look at our style guide below and make sure your draft adheres to it. Write for us - $40 / 1000 words We are looking for people interested in Travel to join our team of freelance writers and social media marketers. Your article must be related to separation or divorce. For Poetry submissions to the magazine: To use a poem in December, we have to have it by September, to use a poem in April, we have to have it by February. like to have an article peer reviewed by an academic peer, please let us know. or what it takes to succeed in a specific creative career (see articles on photo stylists   Pitch an article idea. S. If you want to help writers and need help, this is the place for you. Editorial team at the CEOWORLD magazine. Thank you,. Each post gets sent to 10,000’s of people via our mailing list and social media accounts. Some blog posts have even gone on to be seen by over 1 million people. co. “This piece originally appeared on EdSurge on [DATE],” and the link to the original article. But you can take solace in the fact that writing work exists beyond content mills and low paying gigs. Write For Us. Remember to send us your complete name and contact details with the mail. As a rule of  We consider only completed articles and cannot commit to, or provide They must include the writer's full name — anonymous op-eds or op-eds written under   Put yourself in their shoes and write from that perspective. com Our Mission. com is dozen or so images on a single topic, pitch it to us on the Image Set Pitch board. ” The Write For Us, Guest Post or contribute an article. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about submitting a blog post for consideration to The Write Life. biz. Everyone can see the feedback everyone else is getting -- if you don't know how to write for an audience, this is the quickest way to learn. Sometimes it is not easy to come up with subjects on which to write. Authors may publish an excerpt of their article, Attribution (and att text) This post was originally published [link to full article on SitePoint]. We don't care about your education or work history. Finding interesting subjects that will make you want to learn more about it and then write about it can be difficult occasionally. Email submissions preferred; please refrain from phone or fax pitches. To write in this category you must be able to perform high-quality and accurate research. Remember that you are writing for divorcing individuals, so avoid jargon Write For Us Write Original Content. Submit article drafts, proposals and ideas to nleider@ccim. • Include a 2-3 sentence bio with your submission (social channels and blog hyperlinked, please!) • Paste your post directly in the body of your e-mail. Monthly payments are through PayPal or direct deposit. For PAID WRITER OPPORTUNITIES–Check out our vacancies  It also allows you to provide all of the basic information we need to make an initial determination about your proposal and about you as a writer. Make Money Writing Articles: 37 Blogs That Pay Up To $300 For Your Guest Posts. writer guidelines Alaska Parent magazine is looking for freelance writers who demonstrate a fresh, engaging writing style and a keen sense of the topics that matter to local parents. Write for Us Since we added the blog to the Most Inspired site we’ve been publishing articles by many different authors, why not join the fun and have your article published here too! Who Write For Us. NOTE: A new “Call” is published  We suggest articles be in the 600-800-word range. We allow Guest Post on topic disease,fitness, weight loss, nutrition, skincare, or exercise related. Personal Bio Page, with Links. Write for Us: Guidelines for Submissions Your article should be about 1,200 words in length; minimum 600 words and maximum 2,500 words. Career management and articles on successful transition are appreciated. We welcome pitches on all academic subjects and all grades from pre-K through 12th. Good luck, and hope to You will write a list of 5 products and a full review for each product. What do I Write About? keyboard_arrow_right. May 30, 2019 So if you think you've got what it takes to write interesting articles or create . If you want to express yourself better, then it is essential that you write constantly. You can use published articles as clips, or samples, to show to potential clients in all writing areas. The Diplomat welcomes unsolicited articles and blog posts. And please keep all the guidelines of Google in your mind during writing content. com which attracts around 5 million viewers each month. Write for Us OpIndia. Once your article has been published, we encourage you to share and promote it via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, or others social media platforms you might have access to. (Infographics can have appeared elsewhere. Email . If you are  To inquire about sending books for review in The Atlantic, please contact Ann Hulbert at ahulbert@theatlantic. After your post is accepted. Trionds is a high authority guest posting site and brings you the accurate and latest real information related to various topics like write for us Technology Business, Artificial Intelligence, SEO, Pets, Digital marketing, Travel & Health. In exchange for your volunteer writing services, we’ll promote you with a link back to your blog — and you’ll get full author credit with a bio at the bottom An article published during February would be paid out at the start of March), and those that earn variable rates will be paid out via PayPal in the first few days of the earliest month after the 28-day minimum earning period (e. I AM looking for  Writer's Guidelines Simultaneous submissions are okay; just contact us if article is accepted by Contact us using the form below and specify your interest . Aug 23, 2016 Which is why we'd like you to pitch us an article you'd like to write for Priceonomics. We truly value our Contributors and Writer's, if you are looking to write regularly for us or submit a One odd article don't hesitate to get in touch with us. WRITE FOR US WRITE FOR US CoinCentral Staff Writer Do you want to join one of the best writing teams in the cryptocurrency world? REQUIREMENTS A strong background in the… Articles are automatically archived. Once your article is accepted, we reserve all the copyrights and you won’t be able to publish it else where. Contributors are requested to follow the Swarajya style guide Everyone can see the feedback everyone else is getting -- if you don't know how to write for an audience, this is the quickest way to learn. Earn. When you send us your article through email after we will contact you, write in the email also the focus keyword. Do not sell or distribute the article/articles written for us. While there are probably tens of thousands of magazines that pay writers, a much smaller number compensate writers really well. The purpose of the blog is to create posts that explore history in a different way to our podcasts and books. Or if you wish to take a completely new perspective on an already existing idea, you’re most welcome to write for us. Please note that all articles will be edited for length, grammar, content, style and tone. org. Write for Us – Wanted: Executive Job Search and Career Articles for Our Blog Submit Articles to the Executive Career Brand Blog We’re looking for guest posts and infographics for our popular executive job search and career blog. All articles are to be written bearing   Find a CCIM. What Are We Looking For? The articles that you intend to write for us can be based on the following categories. Get Paid. (Please don't send us  Feb 14, 2019 An impressive new language AI writes product reviews and news articles. Article Publication Procedure for The ASHA Leader. Write for Us You don't need to be a member of B2B Writing Success to submit articles, videos or ideas for publication. political, military, and economic intervention in The majority of articles for the print magazine are personally solicited. We’ll be honest, though: writing for Metapress takes work. . Your content may be posted on either the   Browse and claim writing jobs with industry-leading clients or list pre-written articles for sale on our content marketplace. I'd like you to write for us and post the same type of content on Forbes that you post on  Sep 26, 2017 5 Copywriting Articles That Will Change How You Write Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Within a few days you can be writing articles that will be read by up to 3 million goddamned people, on one of the most popular comedy websites on planet Earth. A Few Things to Keep in Mind. Send us your science, engineering, or tech related articles! Are you an “early adopter” of new technology, way before most people know about it? We’d love you to write about it for our column or help us do tech product reviews! For example, if you reach the payment stage for an article on February 12, you will be paid on March 5. You need to be a member of Carol Tice’s Freelance Writers Den or a student of Jon Morrow’s blog mentoring program to qualify for this offer. Its creators are worried about misuse. News or List-based articles, and Quizzes/Galleries considered; No limit on articles published; Must  PLEASE DO NOT PITCH ARTICLES TO US ON THESE VERY COMMON INDUSTRY TOPICS: Writer's Block / Finding inspiration / Finding your muse / Avoiding  Write for Us! The Change Agent features Please see the current call for articles for more details about our current theme. Apart from the above, your article will also be shared on our social profiles as well as various other content distribution networks. It can only be developed by constantly working on it. They make us feel sad You should also check out “So You Want to Write an Article?” to learn about  In addition to articles about introversion, we're also looking for articles about HSPs Writing for Introvert, Dear is a great way to advance your career as a writer,  Tell us a little about yourself and what you do, which technologies and web Be fully committed to completing any articles you agree to write; Live and die by  Jul 12, 2019 really well. We want your article to be at its best, and we’ll push you to get there. • An Article ranges between 1000-1200 words and can be on a number of travel topics such as ‘Tips for first-time visitors to Bangkok’ and ‘Trekking tips for beginners’. Sep 28, 2015 Most media outlets allow people to submit authentic, original articles on They like writing that's in "conversational English that pulls us along. Experienced writers all started somewhere, we  If you want to get paid to write the list-style feature articles that Cracked. To read more about us, visit The Write Life's About page. You can also pitch  As a Guest Writer, you will play an integral role in changing people's lives with You will be acknowledged as the author of the article along with a link [to your  Write for Us Most of the articles we publish are written by our staff, experienced We are especially interested in articles that draw on scientific insights to  Mar 23, 2018 If you'd like to be considered for a weekly contributor, please email us at editor@ houzz. We also accept infographics related to the following: SEO; Social Media; Analytics; PPC; Content Marketing If you can write articles anywhere near as good as these, then you should write for us! Acknowledgement. We do require that you submit a unique piece before we are able to republish one from your website. If you want to write for our site and community, apply below. We work with writers across the globe of every color, creed, orientation, tradition, and background. We don’t accept content that is lifted from other sites or not written from scratch. sporteology. Here at Craft Your Content, we tend to be a bit picky. How to Write Articles. Your Turn: Write for Us. Your Turn: Write for Us How to Propose a Post to Us If you've never published an article before or are wondering whether your idea is a good one for   Mar 23, 2018 If you'd like to be considered for a weekly contributor, please email us at editor@ houzz. If this article has been previously published, please let us know where and when it appeared. Be creative as possible. Note: Once article get published, Wonderslist becomes the owner of that article. Our contributors have gone on to get book deals, full-time writing jobs and impossible amounts of sex. If you seek compensation, please indicate this clearly in your pitch, and whether the article has been published elsewhere. com So don’t wait. 9. We cover a number of topics including Sports Business, Sports Networking, Sports Marketing, Sports Sponsorship, Sports Sales, Sports Events, Sports Technology, Sports Social Media and How To Get A Job In Sports. WRITER'S DIGEST 10151 Carver Road, Suite 300, Cincinnati, OH 45242 Email: wdsubmissions@aimmedia. Send us your best. Whether you're a blogger, student, or just someone with a  We offer analysis of the history of U. Write For Us If you would like to submit an article to ArticleSnatch. com, please use the contact form below. Inside Catholic is your news, tech, business, entertainment, fashion portal and much more. The design and artwork used in SitePoint articles is copyrighted Get Paid to Write Articles: 10 Magazines That Pay $500 or More. • For experts: Credentials for writing with authority. We’re looking for volunteer writers to provide unique, original articles (unpublished in other websites, magazines) on a wide variety of metaphysical and new-age topics. Make a Living Writing is a top writing blog and accepts practical articles and success stories from other writers. If you are interested in writing for us, please read the details below and hit the “submit” button to send us your content. Be specific. When we give your outline the green light and ask you to write an article we ask that: The article is an original piece of work for Smashing Magazine, not something you have published elsewhere. And Feedspot named us the number one publication for introverts on the entire web! Writing for Introvert, Dear is a great way to advance your career as a writer, get exposure for your book or business, send SEO juice to your blog — and most importantly, share your insights and empower other introverts. Read these articles to get a feel for the style our audience enjoys: 8 Ways to Raise Kids Who Can Cope. Professional writers and editors, as well as passionate wordsmiths with experience in food justice, food policy, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture, are encouraged to apply. Starting base rate per article is competitive with additional monthly performance incentives based on traffic. You will be paid $25 for any short article accepted, $350 for a 1,000 words bulletin, and up to $900 for a 5,000 words bulletin accepted. For print submissions and queries, include a summary describing the article idea, an approximate length and the date it could be finished. 10 Ways to Raise a Reader For Life. If you’d like to write for us, please email editor@thearticle. It's a world full of things you can do to make your life more exciting—and more profitable—and we'd like you to write about them for us. If you are attaching a complete article, please submit as a Word document rather than a PDF. You are capable and willing to write articles within specified deadlines. Content Runner – Possibly US only. Save your article in a word document, and be sure to include a short bio at the bottom with 1-2 links of your own. English Journal is refereed, and virtually all manuscripts are read by two or more outside reviewers. We do have a few ongoing writing needs. Write for Us! Email Us Your Submission You have found the Focus on the Family editorial team's most recent call-for-submissions page, along with where to send each article or pitch. It’s also rewarding. Full article assignments are paid at $30 per feature (with an opportunity for future growth), and we work with both new and established writers who have previous example work. Tell us about your particular interests and  Your signup article: Show us your writing skills. High quality, original content that is actionable, unique and useful. Thanks for your Can you write for The Conversation? Are you We generally work with academics at US universities. Once it is live, make sure to promote it Write for us Submit an article to our site If you are passionate about Ireland and are interested in writing articles that will inspire others to explore the island of Ireland, then we would love you to send us an article. Why you should publish with RCNi. This will help your article's rankings on this  We are always looking for writers that can produce high-quality articles that provide If we accept your paid article, you give us full rights as the exclusive  Do you have an urge to write high-quality articles for extremely picky editors to write one or more articles for LWN, the first order of business is to contact us (at  Here's a look at what has worked for us (and a little bit of what hasn't): We started out by writing basic FAQs and now, we write articles for every new feature   Write For Us a contributor or have your article published; E-Mail: vincent@ topvincent. No robots were deployed in the writing of this article. While we do not demand strict deadlines, And if you reply, you are in (it takes a few days, but no one is rejected). If you are interested in writing for us, please fill out the form below. Payment Method: Check Submit your Article. We accept contributions through our community driven chapter “ My Voice ”. Go and email us Now. No further copyright is acceptable. Lies About Parenting retains exclusive publishing rights for 120 days, but then you can pimp your post wherever you’d like, but you MUST credit the original article with a link. Was this article helpful? 708 out of 756 found  Write for Us. Let's get right to it: We will pay you to write things for us even if you have never written anything for anybody before. We are building a community of writers. See below for suggested topics. For example, if you are an American travel seller, you can write your article on the US edition of newzealand. writersdigest. Instead, invest your time in thorough, value-added content that  Aug 23, 2016 101 Holidays: http://www. Create an account. (Currently Closed to Submissions) Write for Us: Contributor Guidelines. To submit a pitch for an article you’d like to write, fill out the form below. Write for Us. If you're new to Medium, you can learn here about features available in the editor and publish your first story. #17. Free. If our content development team likes it, your unique content will be published in the landing page of www. If your article is found to be plagiarized in any way, it will automatically be rejected. You can check out our highest performing posts with tools like Buzzsumo if you need some inspiration on what to write for us. We would  . We encourage the use of in-line hyperlinks for acknowledging sources. Good use of data, imagery and quotes from experts. (This means somewhere in every republished post you must include the text, “This article originally appeared on liesaboutparenting. If you get up to five published articles, it goes up to $200 per article. Specifically, we are creating a compendium of posts that: Offer sometimes controversial opinions about major topics in history; Discuss lesser-known events We welcome your contributions! Through writing for mbg, you can share your wisdom with the world, helping us in our mission to spread wellness and improve lives. There are a multitude of different types of articles, including news stories, features, profiles, instructional articles, and so on. All articles are peer-reviewed before publication. Bee Culture has a constant demand for articles on bees and beekeeping, pollination and honey plants, garden and forest management for bees, and a wide variety of related topics. Help us to promote 5bestthings. Please do not  Before submitting the articles read all the rules for post submission very carefully. Make sure all images are in the format of 720px by 380px only. Expertise in one or more of these broad areas through direct experience, advanced education, or certification is preferred. Include relevant images with your article. This is a remote opportunity and international topics are also encouraged. com along with payment method details. You can find the writer registration page by going to the bottom of their main website and looking under the “Useful Links” heading. We publish poetry on one magazine page, which limits us to two shorter poems (25 lines each) or occasionally a longer poem (40 lines). aircanada. We also ask that you send us your current blog URL or a URL to published work so we can understand your writing style. If you have an idea that is outside of our call for submissions and want to send us an unsolicited query or article, send it to FocusMagSubmissions@family. List, Articles, Tips: This include Food, money, economy, jobs, current events, style, entertainment, science, health, world, restaurants, cities, sports, and anything else. Continue editing a draft? Title Template Modified; Draft articles can either be edited Make Money Writing Online: 13 Sites That Pay for Articles. Remember that you are writing for divorcing individuals, so avoid jargon If you do not have any previous experience and would still like to write for us, write something up, and send it in as you would publish it for us. Please be aware that if you do  Oct 10, 2017 So, you'd like to write for Slate—that's great! If you haven't worked with us before, here are a few pointers on how to craft a pitch and capture our a . By submitting your work, you agree that you own rights to your work and are free to publish elsewhere. • Each Featured Guide contains a certain number (ideally 10-15) of Points of Interests (POIs) that are that can be elaborately written on, We’ve put together a quick list of sites that pay for articles, from those that pay pennies per click to the more lucrative — and competitive — fixed-rate opportunities. Be advised that the best way to reach one of us for submissions is to always CC in Jimmy ( [email protected] ) as Upon acceptance of articles, we will check for plagiarism outside of credited quotes and links. Another problem is, content agencies or clients on freelance sites do not pay much. You pitch an article idea by writing the article idea, along with the five subtopics under the idea, a full column, and the information. Writing that reflects the tone of our blog (helpful and casual). However, let us tell you one important thing: Writing for Mondovo takes time. It is our journalists that make us what we are, and we reward them fairly. Articles should be at least 800-1,000 words, but no more than 1,200 or so. Before writing, think how it is going to be useful for our readers. We will reply to all enquiries within 24 hours and articles, if accepted, will be published usually the same day. Write for Us! (flickr/Craig Berry) Our mission is to create fresh, immersive articles on equestrian lifestyle and sport, current events, health and horsemanship. org a try. Content We feature articles that address issues of importance to the older student: obtaining financial aid, on campus and online education, finding the right program, graduate school, or attaining academic excellence (study skills and success strategies). And we’re always interested in pitches on our core concepts: project-based learning, social and emotional learning, technology integration, teacher development, comprehensive assessment, and integrated studies. What’s more, Horse Network is a community, and we’re always looking for smart, new ideas from horse-crazy folks like you. educational and entertaining: so illustrating some interesting fact, historical event, or the like, Write For Us • Motivation and success is our focus. Once accepted, you’ll get extensive feedback from our team, and you’ll work closely with us on revisions. To submit a pitch for an article you'd like to write, fill out the form below. com with a short pitch (no more than 200 words) and one sample of your previous work. To find out more about them, scroll to the bottom of this page. We will help you, and you will help us. If a post has previously run, please also include the link to where it appears online. Every article you write will be published under your name. Submit Your Writing Sample to Her View From Home Welcome to Write Articles For Me (WA4ME) where we are passionate about crafting high quality 100% original nonfiction books and articles to your satisfaction. Niche: Variety of Topics. 09 May 2017. Submission guidelines for those whom wish to write an article for The CPA Journal. Write for us Help. About a third to half are submitted by outside writers. Find out what we like to publish and how to submit an article for English Teaching Professional here. This is an article marketplace where you can write articles and post them for sale. – The type of articles (news, lists, editorials, etc) you would like to write. Step 1: Send us your best topic and outline for an article that you would like to write along with your fee expectation. Submit your Article Get Paid; Step 1: Send us your best topic and outline for an article that you would like to write along with your fee expectation. Login. So, make us want to read it. Important Notes:. Write For Us or Guest post on Health Article Resource. Article must contain keyword in  If you have a background in finance then you can write for us as a guest writer. Dear Parents, What This Teacher Secretly Wishes She Could Tell You. Okay, so you still want to write for us. If you are looking for high quality content that will rank you highly in the search engines to help you make more money, you are in the right place. Use easy to understand English. They pay with US bank account. This method can earn you some pocket money, but it’s not quite as lucrative as the second option. Registration is free and will allow you to submit articles. That means official, earned designations, so our readers can trust the info they’re getting! • For bloggers and influencers: Researched articles and stories, with references to primary sources (peer-reviewed journals, dietitians, certified personal trainers, doctors), gif roundup stories and personal essays. Writing for Mind the Product shares your insights, & helps us learn from each other. For example, their “About us” page begins with these words,. Write for Us Article Submission Guidelines The Humanist is a social issues-oriented bimonthly that applies the philosophy of humanism—a naturalistic and progressive outlook informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion—to broad areas of social, political, and personal concern. Apart from that, we would also like the article to be well-researched, free from any grammatical and vocabulary issues. You don't need any experience, you will receive professional training, and you can start working within a few days. You will work with the editor assigned to you, and be open to their feedback. As a Tofugu author, you get a bio page on our site. We are looking for people interested in Travel to join our team of freelance writers and social media marketers. All articles will be edited for length, grammar, content, style and tone. You don't need  To send us your article idea or draft for review by our editorial team, submit via the source project, community, or related topics would you like to write about? Please don't send us press releases or sales pitches. 3 days ago From that point on, we can give you any help that you need as you write and revise your article. The content which you can write article for us should be unique and does not contain any plagiarism. Articles should be original to the author and unpublished elsewhere. Write For Us, Guest Post or contribute an article. But the next time you check  Write for B2B Writing Success. In addition to feature articles, Computer publishes numerous columns to which you can contribute. We give you regular feedback so that   Bee Culture has a constant demand for articles on bees and beekeeping, pollination and honey plants, garden and forest management for bees, and a wide  to use them? Want to get paid and have your content pushed to a wide audience? Join us! Write for Auth0's Guest Why Write Technical Articles for Auth0? community. Submitting Articles Before submitting an article to us, send us an e-mail letting us know about your intended topic, a quick bio about yourself and your qualifications, why you think the topic is important, who the intended audience is, and a brief outline of your intended article. We invite thought leaders and top writers to contribute an original article. Credit: Illustration by Ad Age. You will get USD for each article (ask before submit) You will get a mention (author name) in each post; You can become member of our amazing writer’s team; Payment Method. Blog posts that have a word count of at least 1,000 words. At TheArticle, we pride ourselves on trust, truth and transparency. com is the #1 resource online for Sports Business Professionals looking for the latest information on how to take their sports career to the next level. PayPal; Payoneer; Send your articles at admin@wonderslist. For an article you’ve already written it must be: accurate and factual: This is the #1 most important rule for our site If what you submit isn’t factual and isn’t well researched, it won’t get accepted. 101holidays. If you’re still interested in becoming an author for Wealthy Gorilla, then submit your articles to write@wealthygorilla. Based on your writing sample, our editors give you an initial author rating. You're Invited to Write for Us! Want to write for I'm NOT looking for people who want to write self-promotional articles that aren't actually useful. Spread the word. Are you good at writing unique and quality tutorials, articles, blogs on any topics of your interest, then you are at the right place to showcase your  If you'd like to write a feature article, or you have one written that you'd like us to consider for publication, please select “Pitch a story idea or a completed idea to  Write us an amazing article, and you could win £50! 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